Crème de la Cream Company B.V. is a middle sized family owned company, which differentiates itself by developing and distributing healthy and nutritious food products. Whole grains, milk products and sweeteners are important pillars of our product range. 

Cream de la Cream Company B.V. was founded in 1946 as international trading house. In the 1990s in addition production and packaging of coffee creamers, cereals, starches, sweeteners and new instants were initiated.

Furthermore Crème de la Cream acquired a co-packer in 1998 in Zaandam, which meant expansion of the overall capabilities. Soon after the take-over investments were realized in the processing of cereals, liquid sweeteners and herbs & spices. Today, Creme de la Cream Company BV operates, under one roof, three separated areas for mixing, grinding and blending.

The product development has brought Crème de la Cream Company B.V. where it is today. New products have been developed recently under its own brand, but also under private label. The focus is on healthy nutritious food products.

Dutch Quality
One of the main aspects of producing safe food products is the day-to-day monitoring, inspection and supervision of production by our Quality Assurance department. This is a combination of laboratory activities for testing, sampling and statistic, as well as on-site quality checks on the packaging lines. Crème de la Cream possesses the internationally recognised certificates such as BRC, COKZ (dairy) and Skal (organic). In addition, the external audits by A-brand owners and international retailers ensure ongoing development in terms of quality. Our Quality Assurance Department personnel are up to date with the latest regulations and keep an eye on all developments in food safety. Guaranteeing your quality and food safety requirements is essential.

• BRC certificate - download pdf
• IFS certificate - download pdf
• Skal (organic) certificate - download pdf
• COKZ (dairy) certificate - download pdf
• ECPA - European Co-Packers Association

In short, our slogan is: Nutritious Food for a Healthy Life

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Job offers
Crème de la Cream Company B.V Zaandam is active in the food sector and is engaged in the delivery and packaging of liquid, powder and granulated foods. Foods such as coffee creamers, sweeteners, sugars, coffee, soup, cacao, sauces, dressings, cereals, spices, gravy powder and liquids are filled into sticks, sachets, bags, bottles and jars. We are BRC and IFS certified.


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